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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
I'm your basic gamer who tries (and usually fails) to make people laugh.

If you wish to contact me, have any questions or need some help, you can contact me by skype. My skype is BrawlFan1.

If you wish to contact me professionally, here are my email and my personal website:


Our Pokemon Group (title pending) by w00twithBrawl
Our Pokemon Group (title pending)
I'm terrible at titles....

This was something I've wanted to do in the back of my mind, then :iconpikayu9: suggested that I do it, so I did. 

All Pokemon owned by Nintendo and Game Freak
:iconpikayu9: owned by herself

I will accept any and all criticisms or suggestions that anyone can give, I welcome it so I can improve my art in any possible way.

EDIT: Oops, kinda forgot an important detail. My flygon is supposed to be shiny. 
She is Stronger than You: Garnet by w00twithBrawl
She is Stronger than You: Garnet
I went ahead and colored this sketch of Garnet, I also took the liberty of coloring her with her updated design. I had a lot of fun making this, not surprising since Garnet is literally one of my favorite characters.

Any and all criticism and advice on my art would be highly appreciated, I love that kind of feedback, especially if it helps me improve.

Garnet is owned by Cartoon Network
EAT AT MORTONS by w00twithBrawl
This is what happens when I'm all done with my homework and get really random boredom urges. :P

Morton Koopa Jr. is owned by Nintendo
Cragon by w00twithBrawl
So thanks to my animation professor having us make new characters for a project, I found myself with yet another mouth to feed. But I do really like this design and idea here. Simple but neat.

This creature has a rocky shell on its pelvis and along its back. It's able to curl up to hide its scaly body in the rock itself, to allow it to hide, or roll around if need be. 

EDIT: I have finally come to a conclusion for a name. It shall be a Cragon cuz puns.

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SoulHunter67 Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016
I don't want to come off as rude or impatient, but are you still working on Super Smash Adventures, or have you decided to quit? I know you're busy with work and with gaming content for SpiffyNeedleGeeks, so I'm assuming you do not have a lot of time to work on the series.
w00twithBrawl Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2016  Student Filmographer
You're not rude, and I am still working on it.
SoulHunter67 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016
Thank god that didn't come off bad. I was a little worried if I was being a little harsh.

But either way, I would love to more content from SSA (though content from SNG is still good enough for me), but I just hope that you're not forcing yourself to create the series. The last thing I want to see is you creating more episodes just for people, and not enjoying it yourself.
w00twithBrawl Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2016  Student Filmographer
I'm taking some necessary measures to prevent that. I dedicate at least an hour a day on the series. I admit there are some days where I need to force myself to even do that, but there are also days where I go past an hour because I get really into it. It all depends on my mood.
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SoulHunter67 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
Hey man, I just wanna say, I'm really digging the new content from you and your buddies' gaming channel! Keep up the good work man!
w00twithBrawl Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Student Filmographer
SoulHunter67 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
I bet it was a huge disappointment for some fans of Super Smash Adventures, but to me, it was pretty cool! I get the fact that animators like you have to go through a crap ton of life issues, like jobs and stuff. Sucks that quite a bit of people don't get it.

But either way, I should stop rambling on. I hope things go well in your life, and I can't wait to see future content from you, whether its from Super Smash Adventures or SpiffyNeedleGeeks!
Danny-Art-project Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
This is a message to you.

you may be now read that I has made the decision to close my old DA Danny-Art-Project dowe at the end of  year.
Having given great consideration and deliberation myself at well it is with much regret that I must inform you that my DA account: Danny-Art-Project will cease to run as 31th december 2015.

Till then i will be let old account running as normal and of course i will try to comments your /and fanfic story work at best i can.
i will also inform you that i will be moving to my three new DA account that i be make.
the name of my three new DA accout are danny-project-art.deviantart.c…


and danny86-projectxartx.deviantar…

thank you all who views my art work project and gievng me your suupport.

also thank you for give me a inspired and give me your comments and support

If you wish to following my art /and fanfiction project works any matters please do not be hesitate to add my three DA account, also if you wish discuss any matters please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you for your support.
NiccoRae77 Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Happy birthday
w00twithBrawl Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2015  Student Filmographer
thank you
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